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Because the android is so user friendly and can be bought at cheap prize. Even though every one has any eye on iPhone and its apps but it is very costly to afford. For the Android user, there is an option to use iOS Apps on your Android device without rooting your device. Users will be thinking how it is possible to do that?. But there is an option in the name of iOS Emulator for Android.

Also, You can get a free installation procedure at free of cost. Each and every application will be updating their version for future improvement or fixing the bugs. So, there will be frequent update in the APK file also. Download APK. In Olden Days, installing an APK is an toughest part but nowadays it has become so easy to install it on your Android device.

If you have no idea where the Unknown Sources in your settings. Just follow the simple steps below to Turn it ON. Step4 : A dialogue box appears on the screen with an option to Install. Click on Install tab. It will ask for some permission or access to some control on your device. Just click on Allow. Now, You can start using all the iOS apps on your Android device. If you have any opinion or issue while installing or downloading, just leave a comment below.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.Android and iOS are the two best Mobile Operating systems and top competitors in the mobile marketing world. In these days Android is becoming more popular, the reasons may be Android phones are cheaper than iOS mobiles and features they providing in the low costs.

Market sharing of the two operating systems also shows the popularity of the Android mobiles. Ok, leave that thing which popular and which is not and come to our main focus of this article. I am realy very happy to see this article. But will it realy work. Or my tablet will take new viruses? Gonna try it. I will see how this turns out. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Comments hope says. Sahil Sheikh says. Juliana says.

Nice Article… very help for people who cant buy expensive iphones. Wedja Souza says. Emmy says. Does this work? And if it dowill it give my phone any kind of viruses? Steve brudenell says. Neha Saraf says. My phone is rooted using Kingroot.Over the years, Apple iPhones and the Samsung Android devices have gone quite high. Thus many users can only choose one of them for permanent use.

There are other individuals out there that can't afford either iPhone or Samsung. Thus they go ahead with the other popular Android devices in the market. But the problem remains the same. The iOS Emulators for Android makes it possible for the Android users to experience what it feels like to use an iPhone without actually buying an iPhone. But you need to remember that even though these Emulators are great, they can't provide you with all the free applications and all the features that one gets on an iPhone.

It manipulates your Android systems to run like iOS system. Some features might work on one device and not the other. So you have to test them out to know which ones will work for your device. There are certain minimum requirements that the application needs in order to run but we will go through them later in the article.

Even though the iEMU APK doesn't harm your device in anyway but you still need to keep in mind that it is an open-source software so taking precautions is always better. Plus you need to make sure that you are downloading the iEMU APK for a secure site that doesn't come with any malware. The thing about malware is that with time they are becoming stronger and hard to detect which is why having your antivirus running would be the right thing to do just for extra security. Well the question is valid.

If you are loyal to Android then why would you want to try out Apple's UI and apps? As said earlier, it is an Android Emulator that allows you to run different iOS applications on your device.

There is one thing that you need to understand. It is hardly an experimental project that is giving access to certain apps and features which is all we can get from it for now at least. Even in the future we do not believe that it will be ever able to replace iPhones.

It is important that you check out the minimum requirements of the iEMU APK before you download it because if your device isn't equipped with the following requirements then the iEMU APK won't download or configure with your device.

Thus you will have to download it from the web from a third-party source. Since it is an open-source software so you also have to be careful.

Make sure that you download the software from a trusted website that doesn't come with the malware. We understand that it is hard for some individuals to find a secure third party source on the internet.

iemu apk

These links are completely secure and safe to use. The installing and the configure part is quite easy. You can also do it on your own in order to help you out we have designed a step-by-step process that will help you carry it out easily. Open the file and click on the install button. Once you restart the device, the iEMU icon will appear on your home screen.

Simply launch the application and start downloading iOS apps on your Android device. Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service here. Once done.

iemu apk

Hit refresh button below. Or, visit the free gifts page. AdBlock Detected To receive great tips and contents; first, disable adblock for the site.Fakharuddin Manik Android Apps 7 Comments. The latest iPhone from Apple is one of the most expensive as well as a popular smartphone in the market.

Like me, almost everyone wishes to use the most recent iPhone for its stylish design, various unique features and thousands of free apps. As the Emulator not available in the Google Play Store, so you need to download the APK version from their official or any 3 rd party website.

You can install and use the iEMU Emulator in almost all Android smartphones and tablets currently available in the market. But some device may need root access for using this iOS Emulator. And also, some functions and features might not work on some Android devices.

So you need to test it whether it works on your device or not.

iEMU APK V3.0.12 Download For Android 2019 (Latest)

As the iEMU is an open source application, so you need to worry about your device security. All of these sources are secure, and you can download it from any source. Download Link 1. Download Link 2. Download Link 3. And the process is super easy.

After completing the installation and restarting your device, you will see the iEMU icon on your device app drawer or home screen. A: Definitely not. The emulator can only install and run some iOS Apps and Games. You can also install and use a lot of iOS apps and games that are not available for Android users or in the Google Play Store. You are also most welcome to share your thoughts about this post in the comment section below. Hi Manik, Cool. Just complete the installation by following your instruction.

iemu apk

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I'm the founder and editor of TechManik. I'm also a blogger and affiliate marketer and loves to write anything about blogging, affiliate marketing and technology. Rajpal October 13, at am. Fakharuddin Manik October 13, at am. Arjun October 25, at am. Fakharuddin Manik October 25, at am. Vivek Singh November 1, at am. Alan November 20, at pm. Fakharuddin Manik November 20, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.It is one of the well known yet functional ios emulator with lots of features.

Instead, they simulate a handful of iPhone apps without any glitch. But for most parts, it should work well. APK Installation Tutorial. This may depend on your android manufacturer, OS version, and some security patch. With that being said, let dive into some of the minimum requirement to run iEMU on your android phone. Well, definitely not. It is not compatible with every smartphone you throw, it hardly works. It only simulates certain apps and games for the individual smartphone.

Well that being said, iEMU is neither too shabby, for free you are blessed with some iPhone apps to grab your hands on. Feel free to share with your friends and relatives. I'm Ashik, a passionate blogger with intense interest towards technology. I have contributed many technical articles to the open web and educated some techies as well.

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Next Article. Related Articles. Neeraj mishra. Does it take you to a download app instead of IEMU. Does the app really work? I downloaded it on V I hate this kind of downloading. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.All Android users either hates iPhone because of the lack of accessibility or simply cannot afford an iPhone to run iOS apps.

But as we all know there are millions of cool apps for iOS which are not available for Android. To get access to such apps without actually purchasing an iPhone can be done via iOS Emulator. Here in this article, we will share you everything about this cool app and how you can direct download IEMU apk on your Android and install it.

You can get the appearance, features and premium aesthetics of iOS without buying an iPhone.

iOS Emulator For Android To Run iOS Apps On Android – iEMU APK

This app is very unique and one of its kind as other apps may customize and make your Android look like iOS but they can never emulate iOS or run the actually Apple App Store apps on Android.

Another advantage or use of this application is that developers can test their developed software or app on different platforms without actually purchasing both an Android and iOS device. This really helps the devs who are just starting, learning or other small devs who cannot afford everything.

These are the coolest and essential features of this application which makes it such a cool and useful app. These are some small requirements this app needs to run smoothly without any lag on Android. These are very basic and every smartphone has these otherwise that phone does not deserve to be called as smart. So anyways have a look:. If your Android mobile qualifies these minimum requirements then you are ready to download the IEMU apk and install it. You can follow this simple step by step tutorial for downloading and install the emulator on your mobile phone.

I am personally using this great emulator app on my Google Pixel smartphone to use various iOS apps which are unfortunately not available for Android. This app runs smoothly without any lag. I hope this article helped you with downloading and installing. What are your thoughts about this application? Mention them in the comments below, also check out Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Android in this next article which is another great emulator for running Nintendo 3DS games on your mobile phone.

Download Here.With iemu apk, you can run iPhone apps on Android. However, the idea of running an Apple app on Android is interesting in itself. We have mentioned iemu apk for this purpose because it is the one best having the greatest proficiency. Its major portion of users consists of app developers who want to test their apps on different platform. But you can avail the opportunity of using this iemulator that comes totally free of cost.

Downloading this best of the best ios emulator is not too hard either. Check the PS4 emulators also. If you are bit confused about this idea of running Apple apps on Android then these features may help you to make up your mind for the good. Although the requirements are too simple to mention but i am gonna mention them for the formality. Your Android phone version should be at least Gingerbread or above. However, it can run on any Android smart phone set fulfilling the above two requirements but the performance of this Android ios emulator will be far better if the device is of Samsung.

Just follow these five baby steps to run ios emulator for Android. As simple as that, within the snap of a finger you will be running any IOS game or app on your Android. Your account will be closed and all data will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

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How to Use iOS Emulator for Android

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