Neural dsp

The perfect combination of insane talent, fantastic music, and branding genius has taken them from their DIY roots to amassing an internationally revered cult-like fanbase, selling out Madison Square Garden," says Neural CEO Douglas Castro. The result is unlike anything we have done before: an incredibly versatile plugin, designed to offer a wide variety of options for players in search of the perfect clean and edge-of-break-up tones.

Three unique amplifiers, meticulously crafted with Cory, are at the core of this plugin. The first is called the D. Funk Console. It is based on an analog channel strip and allows you to achieve vintage clean tones unlike any we've ever heard in a plugin.

Amplifier two is an amalgamation of the best clean amps in the industry, and amplifier three allows you to produce iconic edge-of-breakup tones. In front of the amps, we have a wah pedal. Tweaking these combined with the amps delivers everything from bright, crystal cleans to glorious tube saturation on the edge of fuzz.

After that, the onboard 9-band graphic equalizer allows for total control over frequency response, bringing us to the post amp effects. We upgraded our gorgeous multi-dimensional reverb with a Shimmer function.

There is a depth to Archetype: Cory Wong that I've never heard before in a plugin! If you're looking for a clean sound, whether you're recording or playing live, this is the plugin for you. Watch the company's video demo:. For more information: Neural DSP. Guitars Bass Amps Pedals Players. More videos from Premier Guitar.

Gruv Gear Releases the Kapsule Duo. Kiesel Guitars Announces the Leia. Get our email newsletter!The amps featured in the plug-in are called D. Lastly, The Amp Snob emulates a rare amplifier that is versatile and capable of providing crystal clear tones.

Its beauty shines through when cranking the gain and master controls, with the tube modelling softening high transients and rounding up the sound of boosters. The three cab sims in Archetype: Cory Wong feature six virtual microphones to reposition around the speaker, with impulse responses IRs per cab, making for overall IRs.

In the post-effects pedal selection, you can make use of Delay-y-y for analogue-sounding BBD delays with warm repetitions, while The Wash will give you an expansive reverb with a Shimmer switch for lush atmospheres. Find out more at neuraldsp. For more new music gear click here. We provide insight and opinion on the gear, tools, software and services to enhance and expand the minds of music makers and listeners.

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This week we head down the road to Islington, London, to check out REX Studios, where we find some quirky gear and nuggets of wisdom from Macks Faulkron. Ennio Morricone: scores, samples and covers Will Betts - 8th July The layout is clear, simple and easy to use.

Pure cleans with a beautiful richness and a hint of dirt at higher gain settings. Surprisingly, the clean amp with the Pathos also provides some of the best high gain tones in the plugin. The way the Pathos combines with the clean amp really is something special and just playing with these two parts of the plugin opens up a whole world of tones.

This amp has another trick up its sleeve via the Blend control. As you turn it up it begins to blend in a piezo style tone. All amps also feature high and low preamp boosts for extra tonal shaping.

Cory Wong’s guitar rig comes to your DAW with Neural DSP Archetype

Moving on to the Rhythm amp, things get very thick and dirty. It starts off pretty fuzzy with the EQ set straight up but the EQ on this amp is very powerful.

The special knob here though is the Tight control. This lets you go from flubby and fuzzy to incredibly tight and articulate and everything in between. At low tightness settings, this amp sounds great for big open chords. They come to life as they ring out, full of harmonic overtones.

Tonally, this amp is capable of everything from classic rock through to modern metal. The Lead amp is pure filth. This is a huge sounding high gain amp with tonnes of gain on tap. Add this for endless sustain. Add some delay or reverb and it really sings. It has a sharp attack and rich harmonics which bring sustained lead lines to life and make them sound three dimensional. The included effects comprise of four Abasi branded pedals. The Pathos was expected but are the other three a sign of things to come from Abasi Concepts?

The Pathos is more than just an overdrive pedal. Sure, it can be used with a dirty amp to push things further, but use it with a totally clean amp for some huge distortion.

This really adds to the versatility of the plugin by having such a wide gain range available. The 3-band EQ gives you some extra tonal shaping if you need it. Post amp effects are delay and reverb pedals. My favourite pedal is the reverb pedal.

It does, however, include various mics with the usual placement controls and an IR loader. I really had nothing to fear though as it sounds incredible. As with previous Archetype plugins, simply view it as a collection of awesome gear and use it however you want.Can it match the high standards of the previous Neural DSP products?

neural dsp

They have changed the background to white but everything else is familiar. This is good to see because the workflow works well. First up, we have the Compressor and Overdrive pedals. Next, we have the amp section.

neural dsp

Instead, we have three different amps to choose from. They have been created so well that they could have easily been released as different products without anyone feeling short-changed. The Clean, Crunch and Lead amps cover a huge amount of sonic ground and tonally they fit together perfectly. The amp section is followed by a 9-band graphic equalizer. I always like to see an EQ like this in a plugin because it lets you fine-tune your tone.

This EQ is simple to use and works perfectly. With their combined knowledge they really know how to make an easy to use and great sounding cabinet simulator.

As with the previous Neural DSP Plugins, we get a choice of dual microphones with full control over levels and placement along with an IR loader. Last up are the Delay and Reverb pedals. These are probably the only thing I thought the other Neural DSP products could have benefitted from. From pristine clean to heavy distortion, this plugin has it all.

The best way to describe the overall tone is warm and organic. The Nameless is probably the ultimate amp plugin for pure brutality. The NTS is the perfect all-round metal plugin. Add some delay and reverb for some stunning ambient tones. I could lose myself for hours with this amp. Equally at home for rhythm or lead playing, this is an incredibly responsive amp. Organic is the best way to describe it. To be able to get these kinds of tones from a plugin would have been unthinkable in the not too distant past.

Lead ups the gain but still retains the natural feel and overall tonal qualities. This is a different animal. The range of sounds within this plugin is incredible. And best of all, they all flow into each other perfectly. Continuity is a big thing with this package. All of the effects and amps compliment each other well. The rich and organic amp tones are mimicked within the effects.Parallel distortion has been a technique used in the recording of bass guitar for a long time. There are many YouTube videos that explain parallel compression, distortion and saturation for those that wish to do it on their own.

It can seem harsh, overly modern or coarse at first. However, even subtle distortion on a bass tone can go a long way to making guitar tones way more full or generally fill up a mix in many nice ways while going almost undetected.

Neural DSP came up with a way to give you all of the things you need for parallel distortion in one plugin that goes on one track or as a standalone.

Archetype: Plini

The modern style of bass can be real tough for beginners or even intermediate home recording enthusiasts to really nail down. This plugin is designed so that anyone can get a nice mid-driven modern tone to cut through a mix. At first, the controls are going to seem like the furthest thing from any amp sim you have ever seen.

The GUI looks like something you might see in a cool synth plugin of some sort. It definitely took me a few sessions to get a really solid grasp on how to use the plugin effectively but once I did, it became like the cross between a scalpel and a wrecking ball. You get enough low end to smash through a building with the ability to shape your mids and highs with laser focus.

Go into this plugin understanding that there may be a small learning curve but I will say, learning how to swing this weapon will pay off. The plugin allows the user to acquire everything from crystalline but powerful cleans to slightly gritty punk tones, distorted grindcore and it even delivered some perfect funk tones as well. While in a marathon testing session I came across a way to make this plugin sound even more crushing.

I was testing fuzz pedal plugins and I had left one in a signal chain before Parallax. I used a number of fuzz plugins with great results. When you start adding lots of fuzz you may have to adjust the low end in Parallax or make some cuts in post-EQ. To ensure low-end tightness, the low end of Parallax is designed to operate without a speaker impulse and so by bypassing it, you are eliminating a key feature in the plugin. Impulse responses come into play in the mid to high frequencies and I had a ton of success loading my own collection into Parallax.

I really preferred the plugin with any pickup switch position across two basses with 4 different kinds of pickups. I like to use the bridge pickup and then scale up the low end of the tone to compensate a bit, mid gain half way up and poof, mix ready. The other way was running the drives almost all the way down and using the onboard controls to accent the low mids. Modern bass mixing seems to be going in a weird direction.

Bass players are relying on their sub woofers to handle the low end while scooping out the low mids and jacking up the high mids, sound about right?

The low mids are where the power is and where your tone really breathes. Parallax has a world of great ways to accent and enhance your low mids rather than relying on a sub.

I found that all the mid and high controls did after about 5 on the dial was make work for me in the post EQ stage.Parallel bass processing has been used for decades.

Neural DSP Unveils Archetype: Cory Wong

Dual rigs or multiple plugins would be configured to distort treble for clarity and aggression, and compress lows for a massive foundation. Encompassing over a decade of experience engineering some of the most devastating bass distortions on the planet, Parallax provides everything you need to design the ultimate bass tone. We process the Mid and Treble bands separately using our proprietary tube modeling technology for rich harmonics, and natural response.

This knob interacts with the HPF Frequency control allows for dialing the perfect amount of fuzz or tightness.

Dialing a high gain sound with presence, definition, and clarity require that a certain amount of low end is removed from the spectrum to be distorted. Having dedicated processing for the Low end of the spectrum while precisely controlling them using our Bus compressor algorithm, offers a seemingly infinite amount of size on tap. As with all other Neural DSP plugins, it comes with a wide variety of microphones that can be moved around the speaker for maximum flexibility.

The same is not true for the lows, however: the peaks and valleys that do so much for the mid and treble tend to make the low end very problematic in a mix context, which is why the cabsim module only affects the Mid and High bands. The Standalone feature in Parallax allows you to quickly install, plug and play this versatile plugin suite!.

Standalone is perfect for practice on the go and live use. Divide and conquer Parallel bass processing has been used for decades. Distortion We process the Mid and Treble bands separately using our proprietary tube modeling technology for rich harmonics, and natural response.

High Drive This knob interacts with the HPF Frequency control allows for dialing the perfect amount of fuzz or tightness. Lows Dialing a high gain sound with presence, definition, and clarity require that a certain amount of low end is removed from the spectrum to be distorted. Standalone The Standalone feature in Parallax allows you to quickly install, plug and play this versatile plugin suite!.

Key features Individual multiple tube gain stages for Mid and Treble. Variable High Pass Filter for total distortion control. Individual Level controls for Mid and Treble bands. Variable Low Pass Filter for perfect control over the bottom end response. Precise Bus compressor algorithm for the Low band. Downloads Check all versions, legacy and Changelog information. Go to downloads.

Previous Next Slide 1 Slide 2. Close Cart Shopping Cart. Your cart is currently empty. Enable cookies to use the shopping cart. Discount: .When Neural DSP announced a new Archtype plug-in, we were expecting another module designed for hard rock or metal. The Cory Wong edition includes three amps called D. The D. By the way, if you need some help getting some D-style tones, you should check out some of these pedals.

But the Archetype conceot also includes built-in cab sims, and the Cory Wong edition provides IRs per cab for you a total of IRs at your disposal.

neural dsp

That gives you a lot of choice in tailoring your final guitar tone. The plug-in also throws in some pre-effects, too. Two post-effects are also available: the analogue-style Delay-y-y and a reverb called The Wash. Oh and a Wah pedal, too.

Neural DSP Fortin Cali Suite

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neural dsp

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